Light café- Desserts

Choco-Banana Mille Feuille & Charcoal Black Sesame Waffle-sesame ice creamThe meal: ****

Next door neighbour to Artic Bites. I opted for the choco-banana mille-feuille whereas RaspberryCream opted for the Charcoal Black Sesame Waffle with black sesame ice cream and mochi (Japanese rice cake). Yes, the latter was just as mouth-watering as it sounds. The mochi was infused within the waffle to add a little edge. The waffle was also warm and thus paired very well with the ice cream.

The mille-feuille on the other hand was also tasty but not in the same league. The pipette with chocolate sauce, however, was quite unique.

The place: ****

According to the waitress, the spot opened no more than 2 years ago. It has a very modern look and feel to it. Furthermore, there’s a living wall inside the café. There are enough seats to accommodate a small crowd and with wi-fi access, obviously. Good hang out or first date spot.

The price: $

– Strawberry Sherbet


Arctic Bites – Thai Me Up

Arctic bites

About the meal: If you like ice cream and you love an original dessert/sweet snack, this place is for you!

Thai me up is made with thai milk tea (which tasted a lot like Hong Kong milk tea), topped with whipped cream and 2 “hello panda” cookies, half a pizzelle and condensed milk drizzle. I love the whole art behind the making of this: the molten ice cream is spread on a cold plate and flattened as it cools and solidifies; it’s then rolled up before the design of the dessert cup is created. A beautiful edible piece!

I also have to add that despite all the above listed ingredients, this dessert didn’t taste overly sweet.

About the place: It’s a cute small little dessert house on Baldwin. The wait isn’t too bad (let’s not even compare it to Sweet Jesus!) and the ice cream is delicious! There aren’t a lot of sitting spots, but if you go when it’s hot, the whole “front-yard” is open for you to enjoy. Or, as I did, enjoy as you take a walk.


Princess café – Rice Cake Sherbet

Princess café.jpg

About the meal: I discovered sherbet AKA shaved ice AKA sulbi through my Korean buddy and since then, it’s been a true love story! Cafe princess makes it just the right way. The quantity is pretty large for one person, so I would recommend sharing it. It’s served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, condensed milk, rice cakes (the right kind!) red bean (Asian-desert style), corn flakes, a toasted bean powder and bits of almonds. It is DELICIOUS!!!

The ice makes it an amazing summer snack/dessert, and the mix of chewy rice cakes, soft red beans and crispy corn flakes make the texture very interesting. The vanilla ice cream and condensed milk make it sweet and creamy. I usually avoid the nuts but I would assume it adds some crunch! Make sure to mix it all up before you enjoy it 🙂 -RaspberryCream

I have also had the pleasure of enjoying this treat many a time and RaspberryCream sums it up quite well!  I personally fancied Cafe Bene’s  (alternate spot located a few blocks away from Cafe Princess) crushed ice before they changed their recipe in 2016.  The upside is that you will enjoy the dessert regardless of the Cafe you visit and the price is also affordable. -Strawberry Sherbet

About the place: Cozy set-up with tables set up either in a typical cafe way (with chairs) or in a lounge manner (with couches). The place is very pink, and the staff is very friendly. This is a great place to go to if you like deserts or sweet things, with a focus on Asian/Korean deserts.

There is an option to get things to go but unfortunately, shaved ice isn’t one of the items on that list 😦 it’s best enjoyed fresh though, so no harm!

Heads up – the place is surprisingly packed on Sunday nights!!!


Art Square Café & Gallery – Very Berry Crepe

Very Berry

About the meal:
We are talking about Raspberry cream here. Needless to say, #berriesarelife and with my crepe craving that day, it was naturally obvious to go with this. The “Very Berry” is a sweet crepe filled with berry mix (blue & black berry, raspberry, strawberry) and topped with vanilla ice cream. It’s topped with an organic chocolate and pistachio garnish.

Contrary to other crepe places I’ve been to/reviewed, the crepe was very light – which was a bit of a disappointment. I was also expecting fresh berries, but I think it came from a frozen mix… The ice cream on top was pretty light (ie. not very creamy). I did enjoy the crunchy and nutty pistachio finish. Overall, it was OK but not exceptional.

About the place:
This place had an interesting vibe, as it had a Gallery displaying very interesting art and painting. You walk through the gallery before you reach the cafe, which is where the seating area is. There also seemed to be a patio (didn’t explore much since it was a cold winter day!)

We got to the cafe section and sat down, waiting for someone to come and take our order – no one did. We eventually went to the counter to order and that’s when we were given a menu. Not the most welcoming at first, but once we were seated the waitress attended to us in a more friendly manner.

I would suggest this place for a date, a meet-up with a friend, or a small-group catch-up. Given the space and the fact that it’s a gallery, it’s more on the quiet end. Perhaps not too suited for young kids either.


Spring Rolls – Mango Creme Brulee

Spring Rolls.jpg

About the meal: My sweet tooth couldn’t skip desert after a good meal. I’m a big fan of creme brulee and denjoy the taste of mango, so I figured this would be an interesting desert to try. If you’re trying to picture the taste, it’s as if you had creme brulee with the custard having a mango aroma – not the artificial kind of aroma. It was an interesting fusion of tastes, but not my favorite.

About the place: Went to the Dundas location with family on a Saturday evening, and I didn’t find the service particularly great. They forgot to bring some of our drinks and were not the most patient when it came to answering questions we had about the dishes on the menu. Apart from that the menu has a selection that will satisfy people who enjoy Asian food.


Portland Variety – Pear tart

Pear tart.jpeg

About the meal: If you haven’t yet figured out, I have a sweet tooth and my weakness is pastries. But real pastries, like the ones you can eat Vienna or Paris, none of these chewy overly sweet food-things that are mass produced here in North America! Needless to say, Portland was a GREAT find. They offer a good range of pastries and as far as I’ve been going (a good year), I’ve never been disappointed by the quality of the pastries.

In the making of the crust (pâte feuilletée), the baker wasn’t shy on the butter. The result is a soft and crunchy yet elastic base, on which sits the topping of the tart. The pear mixture was made with fresh pears, cooked enough so they weren’t crunchy; the topping mixture was made perfectly as not to be dry.

This pastry is overall not too sweet, and there is a hint of tanginess (probably lemon) that gives it a perfect finish. If you like fruit tarts, you will definitely appreciate this!

About the place: Small, “King St W” style type of restaurant – i.e. full of classy hipsters, professionals and the cool older folks, all seeking to experience a dining different from the regular. Some items can be a little over priced on the menu but everything I’ve ever had (mostly pastries) was to die for.

What I love about this place is how it flips from a quiet breakfast/brunch place in the morning, to a vibrant lunch spot, later on to a tapas/dinner night set up that looks appropriate for a date, a work function or a catch-up with a friend. The staff is fairly friendly (friendlier with the regulars though).

Bonus: they’re on ritual!!


Pastel – Chocolate mascarpone crepe


About the meal: This is my go to, although I’ve tried a couple of the items on their menu. The chocolate crepe is filled with fresh strawberries and mascarpone cheese, a great alternative to nutella crepes. The mascarpone lightens up the sweetness of the chocolate sauce in which the crepe is covered.

This is served with some cocoa whipped cream on the side, and comes with 2 scoops of ice cream – usually french vanilla but the staff will allow you to make some changes; in the above I tried mango and french vanilla ice cream. The French vanilla is a great complement as it’s not too sweet, but I didn’t find the mango to be a good pairing option. The mango ice cream on itself also lacked creaminess.

This crepe makes for a great brunch or snack as it’s pretty filling, and if shared, a good desert option. It is not overly sweet but I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who doesn’t have a sweet tooth as the chocolate sauce and ice cream can tend to get overwhelming towards the end.

About the place: Cute, cosy little restaurant in North York, I’ve been several times and have always found the staff very friendly and welcoming. The selection of crepes, cakes, waffles and beverages that they offer is simply amazing for anyone with a sweet tooth – note that they also offer savory crepes. They also maintain a very clean environment which is key. This makes for a perfect spot to meet with friends, family or your significant other for brunch, desert or a snack. You’re welcome!