Wilbur Mexicana – Mexican street corn


About the meal: Charred corn on the cob with chipotle crema, cotija, guajillo chili powder. I loved the amount of chili and cheese but found the sauce (chipotle) a little too much – then again this is coming from someone who loves her corn on the cob simple, with butter and spices, Jamaican or African style.

The corn was well done and the mix of sweet and salty was a good combination. Even more interesting given that the savory part came from cheese and sauce, not something I’d ever tried before!

About the place: I saw this place open at which place it was great, but over time I’ve seen the line up become INSANE, both around lunch time and dinner time, as well as random times in the afternoon. They have quite a variety of options, making it a decent place to visit often – it used to be my go-to lunch place.

The staff is very friendly and the service is usually pretty fast. Compared to other Mexican food spots around, they’ve definitely worked hard on making their brand yell “fast but tasty!”