Sassafraz-3 course meal


The meal (s): Bottom right: pumpkin spiced duck pâté, top right: banana custard tartlet, left: bison short rib pappardelle.

The meal: ****

The 3 course meal consisted of a pumpkin spiced duck pâté, bison short rib pappardelle, and a banana custard tartlet. I don’t regularly have pâté but I know a good pâté when I have one.  It was so very delicious and the ginger date paste cooked in syrup pairing was the cherry on top. At some point I had to give up the appetizer so we could get served the main dish. The meal was simple and quite rich as you would expect from a pasta dish. The bison short rib was tender and was well flavoured. To top it all off was the custard. It was not an exceptional dessert but was tasty nonetheless.

The place: ***

This is the second time visiting Sassafraz! The first time was for brunch and this round, we opted for dinner. The restaurant doesn’t have any obvious signs but the building is unique and stands out. If you know what you’re looking for, you can’t miss it.

The interior is split into 3 areas (the café/lounge, bar, and dining area) and has an elegant decor (pleasingly simple). It’s definitely a good spot for a date.

The price: $$

– Strawberry Sherbet


Green Eggplant – Mediterranean breakfast

Green Eggplant.JPG

The meal: ***

The meal was your ordinary 3 eggs, bacon (additional topping), & toast but what piqued my interest was the ‘Mediterranean’. The toast was substituted with challah toast. The dish also came with some sliced tomatoes, black olives, humus, feta cheese and green salad. The plate was also supposed to come with cream cheese but I somehow ended up with sour cream 0_0.

The salad was delicious but I felt that the rest of the ingredients were out of place. I would have enjoyed the meal just as much without the extra ingredients. In other words, they didn’t really add value to the dish or maybe I’m just too old school.

The place: ***

The place is homey (even has a fireplace) and spacious. The walls are decorated with flower themed paintings. There’s also a bar (no seats though) and TV screens if you feel like hanging out with friends and watching a game.

The price: $

– Strawberry Sherbet

Masseria – Margherita on charcoal activated crust



About the meal: I have to say I absolutely LOVE the pizze at Masseria! The thin crust is just perfect, and the aroma of the oven simply splendid. I tend to like my pizzas plain-ish (too much meat can make it too salty) so my go-to is the margherita, pictured above.

The sauce tastes home made and there is just the right amount of cheese and salt. I’ve tried several other pizze (posts to come) but this is definitely my favorite one there! Also the charcoal activated crust. No it’s not burnt crust! You really cannot taste the difference with regular crust, except for the fact that it tastes smoother and softer, not as crispy as regular dough. I personally prefer it that way.

About the place: As you can probably tell from the picture above I didn’t eat this pizza in the restaurant, but I’ve eaten there before so I’ll speak on that. The vibe is simply amazing! From the moment you order to the service you receive, all the staff is just so useful and friendly. When dining in, there are pots of basil so you can put some fresh herbs on your pizz… yumm!

You also have to love the fact that the food comes out REALLY fast! I’ve never waited longer than 10 min for my pizza, even with a large group. And little bonus, the view is amazing if you get a spot on the big round table 😉 Look out for it, although it’s really hard to miss!

They offer all sorts of other Italian foods – salads and sandwiches. I haven’t tried them but they looked very appealing from the display.

A little heads up – Masseria is not a full service restaurant, so you will have to order and pay, pick your seat and then receive your food. I have to say though that out of the many restaurants on King W, Masseria is one of the few that will take a lunch reservation. On that note, they’re also on Ritual, if you wanted to order online and quickly grab ‘n go. Props!