Green Eggplant – Mediterranean Fresh Mint Green Tea

About the drink: The drink description on the menu is a little misleading because it calls out “green tea with mint”. However, loved the fact that it was real mint leaves and not the usualy loose leaf mint teabag. I added a squeeze of lemon and a hint of honey and I was good to go!

My only comment is that for the simplicity and size of it, it was a little overpriced.

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Luna Café – Mocha


About the drink:
What I love about a good mocha is the subtle sweetness of the chocolate and the subtle bitterness of the espresso. This was done just right! I was doubtful at first when I saw it served in a glass, but “never judge a book by it’s cover”! The espresso was made with good quality coffee and the chocolate was one of the refined kinds – at least it tasted like it. Approved by the #mochagirl !

About the place:
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Art Square Cafe & Gallery – Turkish Tea

Turkish T

About the drink:
I have not had authentic Turkish tea before (sad to say, because my reviews on foreign dishes/drinks usually compare the authentic taste to the one in the restaurant I’m reviewing). However I can speak as a tea-sommelier; quick disclaimer, I’m not certified, I just love tea!

I always find that the cup in which the tea is served makes a difference in how the tea is appreciated, and this serving cup definitely added to the middle Eastern feel. This black tea was done right, not steeped too much, not too little and the spices in the tea gave it the aroma of a spice adventure! I saw myself sitting in a cafe in Turkey…. As expected, it was offered with sugar.

The teapot was enough for a couple of cups for 2 people, so definitely a good place to come for tea with a friend or date 😉

About the place:
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Second Cup – Caramel Corretto


About the drink: This is my go-to at second cup, along with their Gingerbread latte. If you like sweet things and are not a true coffee lover (i.e. you cannot drink your coffee black) I suggest you try this! The latte is well complemented with the sweet taste of caramel. If you want to take it up a notch, ask for whipped cream – the creamier the tastier 😉 I believe you can also mix it up and ask for Almond or Soy milk (but I think there may be an extra charge for that).

About the place: Very hard to rate a chain, given that experiences and service differ from one place to the next. I’ll leave it up to you to experiment, but overall from my many visits at different Second Cup shops, I’ve had no terrible experiences – just OK and very good ones.

Note: Some of the second cups have Ritual!


Infuse Cafe – Chai Masala (Organic Milk Tea)

masala chai.jpeg

About the drink: Having had Masala Chai in India, I am always disappointed in “chai tea” served anywhere in Canada, for the exception of some Indian restaurants. This Chai Masala didn’t taste like the authentic one but you will definitely be one step closer to the real deal! The original recipe comes with 2 spoons of sugar, which in my opinion are a little too much; next time I think I’ll try 1/2 sugar. Overall tasty tea, I think I’ll be back there to sample more teas! So stay tuned 😉

About the place: Small little shop hidden on the busy Yonge street, near the Eaton Center. The place looks a lot smaller from the outside but has a decent amount of sitting space. It also looks a little .. shady (for lack of a better word) from the outside, but my love for tea pushed me to try something and I realized the place is decent – clean, spacious, and with a good variety of tea options. They also sell loose leaf teas in store.


Le petit déjeuner – Mocha


About the drink: You probably figured by now that I usually go for the mocha or the specialty drink on the menu! Just so you know, the mocha is not on the menu but if you ask they will happilly make it for you – bonus points for that! It was one of the best mochas I’ve had, in that you could taste the coffee (good coffee AND fair trade!) and the hot chocolate portion was made with rich chocolate, I’m going to suspect probably belgian. I also have to add that they used milk and not hot water for the hot chocolate, and a conoisseur will definitely know the difference. The whole thing was topped with chocolate/cocoa powder for a crisp finish. On the downside, there was no foam art and I have to admit although it was delicious, it was on the verge of being too sweet!

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