Leña Restaurante – Ginger Yerba Mate Tea


About the drink: Absolutely loved that it came in a pot! The places that do this are the best 😀 Because it came in a steel (?) pot, the tea remained warm for a long time.

Being the great tea lover & drinker that I am, 1 cup is never enough. This tea was of good quality. I could taste the matcha and ginger, but I would say that the ginger was more of a latent, subtle flavour. Good if you’re looking for mate tea with a twist (and health benefits!) Ginger is amazing for digestion and colds, and yerba mate helps focus.

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Lady Marmalade – Café Mocha


About the drink: A rich and creamy mocha, with just the right proportions of espresso and hot chocolate. Not to sweet, but more on the bitter side. Approved by a mocha lover! If it weren’t for the long line up, I would definitely also just come here just for a drink (mocha).


Barchef- Daiquiri Adaptation

25 Feb '17 Barchef.JPG

The drink: ****1/2

This is my first review of a drink but Barchef’s cocktails are exceptional and if you’ve been there or know of the bar then you know exactly what I am talking about. Their cocktails not only taste amazing but invoke your other senses to participate in the experience. The presentation and aromas are extraordinary.

My choice was from the modernist cocktails, the ‘Daiquiri adaptation which is a spiced blend of tropical juices (lime, pineapple, & coconut). They try and have both an edible and drinkable version. As the theme was tropical, the latter was served in a coconut and the former in a glass bowl. The spiced lime snow with fruits was quite refreshing. To top it off, they were both served in a box of sand! Whaaat!

The place: ***

More of a lounge than a bar. There are bites/snacks that you can order but they specialize is cocktails. The lights are quite dim and localized which is intentionally done to ensure your attention/senses are tuned to your immediate surroundings. Good spot for a date but be prepared to spend as a cocktail is $25 average.

The price: $$

– Strawberry Sherbet

Green Eggplant – Mediterranean Fresh Mint Green Tea

About the drink: The drink description on the menu is a little misleading because it calls out “green tea with mint”. However, loved the fact that it was real mint leaves and not the usualy loose leaf mint teabag. I added a squeeze of lemon and a hint of honey and I was good to go!

My only comment is that for the simplicity and size of it, it was a little overpriced.

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Chatime – Fairy Vanilla Milk Tea


About the drink: Very similar review to Chatime – Red Bean Milk Tea, except that this drink is less sweet (standard) and doesn’t have red beans in it. I’ve copied the relevant review elements below:

An absolute DELIGHT! If you’ve had bubble tea before, their milk tea is just the right concentration of tea and milk, with a subtle “roast” taste of the tea leaves – unlike many other bubble tea places, they didn’t try to cut down on taste by having a diluted taste.

Their tapioca is also chewy but hard, and well seasoned in the liquid syrup they soak it in. Again, pretty nice since a lot of other places will have the tapioca be soggy… Making you wonder how fresh it actually is.

For those of you who haven’t had bubble tea before, the tapioca makes this drink a bit of a snack too, since you’re eating solid pieces as you’re drinking the tea. There is a slight into of vanilla in it as well, which just reminds me of a nice baked desert!
Another one of my favorite #ColdWeather flavors! *I like to get the green tea fruity flavors in the summer, stay tuned for that!*

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Luna Café – Mocha


About the drink:
What I love about a good mocha is the subtle sweetness of the chocolate and the subtle bitterness of the espresso. This was done just right! I was doubtful at first when I saw it served in a glass, but “never judge a book by it’s cover”! The espresso was made with good quality coffee and the chocolate was one of the refined kinds – at least it tasted like it. Approved by the #mochagirl !

About the place:
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Art Square Cafe & Gallery – Turkish Tea

Turkish T

About the drink:
I have not had authentic Turkish tea before (sad to say, because my reviews on foreign dishes/drinks usually compare the authentic taste to the one in the restaurant I’m reviewing). However I can speak as a tea-sommelier; quick disclaimer, I’m not certified, I just love tea!

I always find that the cup in which the tea is served makes a difference in how the tea is appreciated, and this serving cup definitely added to the middle Eastern feel. This black tea was done right, not steeped too much, not too little and the spices in the tea gave it the aroma of a spice adventure! I saw myself sitting in a cafe in Turkey…. As expected, it was offered with sugar.

The teapot was enough for a couple of cups for 2 people, so definitely a good place to come for tea with a friend or date 😉

About the place:
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