Belleeny’s Martini Lounge – “Nice it up” Chicken Wings

Belliney's_chicken wings.jpg

About the meal: This was another item from the appetizer menu. The chicken wings were fried and seasoned with barbecue sauce, accompanied with some veggies (celery and carrots) as well as Festivals. I loved the fact that the wings were fried, it made them nice and crispy! The Barbecue sauce was really good, flavorful with a hint of tanginess! 

It was my first time having festivals, and I’d describe them as plain fried donuts, with a mix of sweet and salty flavor. They were quite nice but quite dry to have as a side, given that the wings themselves were a “dry” accompaniment.

About the place: See post: Belleeny’s Martini Lounge – “One Drop” Golden Fried Plantain



Belleeny’s Martini Lounge – “One Drop” Golden Fried Plantain


About the meal: This was in the Appetizer section of the menu. When I asked about the quantity they told me it was a whole plantain (note – for someone who cooks plantain very frequently, this looked like 1/3 of a large plantain). The plantain had the perfect ripeness though and was fried just right – not too little not too much, lightly crispy on the outside and softer on the inside. The presentation was simple but on point!

About the place: The staff was very friendly and came by often to cater to our needs. We were a large group but the wait wasn’t too bad. They were also really nice and opened up the place for us (exclusively) after hours, which was quite nice!


Rasta Pasta – Jamaican Mi Crazy Chicken


About the meal: This is probably their best-seller, due to the decent portion of the meal, the different sides that it comes with and the very reasonable price (I paid $6 for this plate!); the chicken is served with rice & peas as well as veggies or coleslaw.

The chicken was well seasoned and juicy, the rice & peas can be a little dry without some gravy, but they’re pretty generous with the chicken/ox-tail gravy. The coleslaw didn’t blow my mind, but it wasn’t bad either.

About the place: The spot is small and cozy, and has a bench on their porch in the summertime. Nothing fancy but sufficient for simple folks. Note that if you come towards closing time, everything might not be available. The staff is really friendly too!