PHỞ HƯNG ĐẶC BIỆT (Pho Hung) – Taro Rice Pudding


About the meal: I wanted something sweet to end my meal and this is something the waitress suggested to me. The “pudding” was made with tapioca balls, rice and pieces of taro. I remember not liking the first couple of bites, but the more I had the more I came to appreciate this desert. It’s pretty heavy, and tastes almost salty even though the desert is sweet. The portion is small enough to be eaten by one without wasting it.

About the place: See post “PHỞ HƯNG ĐẶC BIỆT (Pho Hung) – Hung’s Special




PHỞ HƯNG ĐẶC BIỆT (Pho Hung) – Hung’s Special



About the meal: It’s one of the tastiest phos I’ve had in Toronto! The pho is a Vietnamese style beef rice noodle soup; the special is served with rare beef, well done beef, as well as with tripe and tendon. I personally add hoisin sauce and a tad bit of the traditional made hot sauce to give it extra flavor! Of course the basil leaves, lemon and bean sprouts are key!

A small is a good size for a light dinner but a medium is preferred if you are hungry (and only plan on having the soup, no side dishes). I personally love the fact this place!

About the place: The place is usually really packed at rush mealtime, but I’ve always found the service decent – the waiters will spend the time to answer any questions you have. The one “annoying” thing is that it’s cash only. There is a TD ATM not too far, but best come prepared!