Princess café – Rice Cake Sherbet

Princess café.jpg

About the meal: I discovered sherbet AKA shaved ice AKA sulbi through my Korean buddy and since then, it’s been a true love story! Cafe princess makes it just the right way. The quantity is pretty large for one person, so I would recommend sharing it. It’s served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, condensed milk, rice cakes (the right kind!) red bean (Asian-desert style), corn flakes, a toasted bean powder and bits of almonds. It is DELICIOUS!!!

The ice makes it an amazing summer snack/dessert, and the mix of chewy rice cakes, soft red beans and crispy corn flakes make the texture very interesting. The vanilla ice cream and condensed milk make it sweet and creamy. I usually avoid the nuts but I would assume it adds some crunch! Make sure to mix it all up before you enjoy it 🙂 -RaspberryCream

I have also had the pleasure of enjoying this treat many a time and RaspberryCream sums it up quite well!  I personally fancied Cafe Bene’s  (alternate spot located a few blocks away from Cafe Princess) crushed ice before they changed their recipe in 2016.  The upside is that you will enjoy the dessert regardless of the Cafe you visit and the price is also affordable. -Strawberry Sherbet

About the place: Cozy set-up with tables set up either in a typical cafe way (with chairs) or in a lounge manner (with couches). The place is very pink, and the staff is very friendly. This is a great place to go to if you like deserts or sweet things, with a focus on Asian/Korean deserts.

There is an option to get things to go but unfortunately, shaved ice isn’t one of the items on that list 😦 it’s best enjoyed fresh though, so no harm!

Heads up – the place is surprisingly packed on Sunday nights!!!