Princess café – Rice Cake Sherbet

Princess café.jpg

About the meal: I discovered sherbet AKA shaved ice AKA sulbi through my Korean buddy and since then, it’s been a true love story! Cafe princess makes it just the right way. The quantity is pretty large for one person, so I would recommend sharing it. It’s served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, condensed milk, rice cakes (the right kind!) red bean (Asian-desert style), corn flakes, a toasted bean powder and bits of almonds. It is DELICIOUS!!!

The ice makes it an amazing summer snack/dessert, and the mix of chewy rice cakes, soft red beans and crispy corn flakes make the texture very interesting. The vanilla ice cream and condensed milk make it sweet and creamy. I usually avoid the nuts but I would assume it adds some crunch! Make sure to mix it all up before you enjoy it 🙂 -RaspberryCream

I have also had the pleasure of enjoying this treat many a time and RaspberryCream sums it up quite well!  I personally fancied Cafe Bene’s  (alternate spot located a few blocks away from Cafe Princess) crushed ice before they changed their recipe in 2016.  The upside is that you will enjoy the dessert regardless of the Cafe you visit and the price is also affordable. -Strawberry Sherbet

About the place: Cozy set-up with tables set up either in a typical cafe way (with chairs) or in a lounge manner (with couches). The place is very pink, and the staff is very friendly. This is a great place to go to if you like deserts or sweet things, with a focus on Asian/Korean deserts.

There is an option to get things to go but unfortunately, shaved ice isn’t one of the items on that list 😦 it’s best enjoyed fresh though, so no harm!

Heads up – the place is surprisingly packed on Sunday nights!!!



PHỞ HƯNG ĐẶC BIỆT (Pho Hung) – Taro Rice Pudding


About the meal: I wanted something sweet to end my meal and this is something the waitress suggested to me. The “pudding” was made with tapioca balls, rice and pieces of taro. I remember not liking the first couple of bites, but the more I had the more I came to appreciate this desert. It’s pretty heavy, and tastes almost salty even though the desert is sweet. The portion is small enough to be eaten by one without wasting it.

About the place: See post “PHỞ HƯNG ĐẶC BIỆT (Pho Hung) – Hung’s Special



Pai – Green curry


About the meal: I’ve had Thai curries in Thailand, and I can approve of the quality and grade produced by Pai. This curry was served with rice, and there was the option of selecting the meat (or vegetarian option) for the curry. The food tasted great and the portion was a good size; to add to that, they even give you the rest of your portion in a side bowl if it doesn’t fit in the coconut, unlike a lot of places who would rip you off! I also loved the presentation – the fact that the curry was beautifully served in a coconut and that you could scrape out the coconut flesh from it! Quite original. The green curry isn’t spicy so I would recommend it as a safe curry option.

About the place: Avoid during rush hour if you’re looking for fast service or attention. The staff is generally welcoming (and will give you great attention/service when the place isn’t too busy). I absolutely love the vibe and feel of the place, you would think you’re in a restaurant in Phuket, by the beach; there’s loud music and very interesting wall deco. A nice place to hangout but the music can get a little loud – maybe not the best place to catch-up.

I’ve also picked up ritual orders from there and the staff was quite helpful in guiding me and helping me find my package. The quantities for takeout were also quite decent.


PHỞ HƯNG ĐẶC BIỆT (Pho Hung) – Hung’s Special



About the meal: It’s one of the tastiest phos I’ve had in Toronto! The pho is a Vietnamese style beef rice noodle soup; the special is served with rare beef, well done beef, as well as with tripe and tendon. I personally add hoisin sauce and a tad bit of the traditional made hot sauce to give it extra flavor! Of course the basil leaves, lemon and bean sprouts are key!

A small is a good size for a light dinner but a medium is preferred if you are hungry (and only plan on having the soup, no side dishes). I personally love the fact this place!

About the place: The place is usually really packed at rush mealtime, but I’ve always found the service decent – the waiters will spend the time to answer any questions you have. The one “annoying” thing is that it’s cash only. There is a TD ATM not too far, but best come prepared!



Ninki – Poke Bowl

Poke bowl


About the meal:
I was quite disappointed in this. I’ve been looking at Poke Bowl pictures wondering what it would taste like. I love sushi, and particularly anything that is salmon based. When I asked around, I was told a poke bowl is like a sushi, in bowl form (kind of like how you can get a burrito in a wrap, or a burrito bowl). So I was quite excited to try this!

The dish was comprised of white rice, fresh bits of raw salmon, avocado, tofu, soy sauce (that I poured myself) and some mayonnaise looking sauce. I’m not sure whether it was the mayo that didn’t sit in properly with the rest of the dish but this was quite nauseating!

The other thing that I didn’t like was that there is an art to how salmon is cut – for sushi at least. You cannot just cut chunks of raw fish and put it there; unfortunately this is what the salmon in this dish felt like, and it’s just horrible to chew.

Finally, I’m not a fan of Tofu, so having it scattered all around this bowl was just not my cup of tea. That’s just personal preference however. And despite the fact that I tried to dodge them, I still couldn’t enjoy this dish. Overall, not something I would recommend.

About the place:
I will not comment on this as I took my food to go, but judging from the outside it seems like a nice plate to eat – more on the “date”/”corporate meal” end. The lady who was there when I picked up my food was very friendly. All this to say, I would definitely sit in for food in this restaurant.


Kinton Ramen- Kinton Combo

Kinton Ramen Collage.jpg

The meal (s): Top left: Chiki Chiki Don, top right: Black Sesame Pudding, bottom left: Pork Ramen

The meal: ***

If you’re a Naruto fan or are familiar with Japanese dishes, then this dish is not new to you. The restaurant, however, might be. There’s always a line up but today we were lucky enough to get a spot.

I opted for the Kinton combo which offers the Japanese noodle soup experience with a side dish and an optional dessert. The soup (thick noodles, pork broth, and original flavour) was good but in my opinion doesn’t compare to Ajisen Ramen. The side dish (chiki chiki don) on the other hand was quite delicious. The ingredients (chopped chicken breast w/ Kinton original mayo sauce on rice) are simple but blend well together. Last but not least, was the dessert (black seasame pudding). It was soy milk based and was afraid that it might disappoint. It was actually the contrary! I would definitely recommend it.

The place:**1/2

The restaurant as I mentioned is typically packed and the fact that the space is tight and the kitchen is open (no separation from guest tables) doesn’t help either. If you’re not fond/ familiar with the scents, it can be quite overwhelming when you enter the doors. It also got quite hot overtime.

The price: $

– Strawberry Sherbet

Ajisen Ramen – Teppanyaki Filet Mignon Ramen


About the meal: On this particular day, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted Ramen or Tepanyaki, until I saw on the menu that I could make both wishes come true! Ajisen’s ramen generally speaking is great; I love that their ramen is not too salty and doesn’t taste like soy. I do prefer the eggs at Kinton Ramen, but that’s a minor detail. The tepanyaki was tender and well seasoned and because part of it was on top of the soup, I was still able to enjoy it as a snack 🙂

About the place: Ajisen ramen! I used to live by the one close to Yonge & Empress. The staff is always friendly, service is pretty decent, meals are affordable, tasty and filling. They also offer a great variety of food options (not sure about vegetarian food – note to self, I’m going to start paying more attention to that!)