Lalibela – Lalibela Platter


About the meal: If you haven’t had fermented food before, this may be a good place to start. The lalibela platter is a combination of vegetarian and carnivore sides, all on an injera bread (injera is a fermented bread, traditional of Ethiopia and the African horn region). The dish comes with a combination of vegetarian peas, lentil, cabbatge, collard green, split peas, doro wat, lamb or beef dished arranged on the piatter. Everything is flavorful but as a carnivore myself, I prefered the lamb stew – quite spicy though. The vegetarian options were all mild (not hot).

This platter makes a decent size for 2-3 people and altogether makes quite a complete meal! If you didn’t know, fermented foods are great for digestion. A must try, and a good way to taste different types of dishes if you’ve never trried Ethiopian food.

About the place: The decor is beautiful! I love that in summer they open up the main window, which gives the place the allure of an African style bistro/restaurant. The staff is generally quite friendly, although service may be a little slow when they’re busy. The food is simple but tasty! Families and kids are quite welcome there as well.