Stoney’s Bread Company – Key West Eggs


The meal: ****

The Instagram photos of the various meals people have had were quite appealing  and obviously had to give it a try!

There’s a Brunch menu on weekends on top of their regular weekday breakfast menu. It’s tough not to find a plate that will suit your taste buds whether it be sweet or savoury. I prefer the latter and opted for the Key West Eggs.

As you can see from the picture, the servings are generous. The meal is a twist on the usual toast, poached eggs w/ hollandaise sauce, bacon, & salad. The toast is replaced with Focaccia, the bacon with prawns, and for some extra oomph, an avocado and tomato spread is added to the mix. Yes, the meal was as delicious and flavourful as I expected. There was also a hint of chili which I really enjoyed. The salad came already dressed and was a great appetizer,

The place: ***

There’re 2x spots and we went to the Etobicoke location. The place has a great ambiance. It’s well lit, can accommodate large groups (i.e. families) and has parking which is key for those that drive. Best not to go towards noon. It got quite busy past noon.

The price: $

– Strawberry Sherbet


Stoney’s Bread Company – Mango Raspberry Mimosa | Mocha


About the drinks:
                                                                    – Mango Raspberry Mimosa – 
(Drink on the left in picture above)
Heads up to the friends who don’t consume alcohol, there is some in this one!
I decided to try this to get a taste of a non-traditional mimosa, usually made with orange juice and champagne. I found the blend quite perfect! The right amount of mango sweetness and raspberry tanginess, and just enough bubbly to enhance it all. I would definitely recommend this one!
– Mocha –
(Drink in the front in picture above)
As a mocha-girl, I have to say that I was not impressed by this one. It was almost like hot chocolate with a hint of coffee, as opposed to coffee with a hint of cocoa. A very sweet drink that could please some that have a rather sweet tooth, but definitely not quite the pick for coffee lovers!

About the place: See post “Stoney’s Bread Company – Crêpes aux fraises




Stoney’s Bread Company – Crêpes aux fraises


About the meal: My biggest brunch struggle is to decide between a sweet or salty dish. This time around I went for the “crêpes aux fraises” which included field berries, lemon & brown sugar flambé au Grand Marnier with vanilla whipped cream. The crepe was heavier than a usual crepe but you could taste the light fluffiness of the dough. The consistency towards the center was more that of a spongy cake. The berry coulis complimented it well, however I was not too fond of the warm and soft strawberries in it, and I could barely taste the lemon or Grnad Marnier. Overall OK, and a quick piece of advice: try to share it with someone because it is pretty filling!

About the place: This reminded me of a cozy diner-style place in a small town. Not too loud, with a good mix of people visiting the place – families with kids, couples, friends. The prices were very reasonable and there was a really large selection of foods. I went with a menu item from the brunch menu but there was also a regular lunch menu available with plento of sweet and savory options. The staff was OK, I didn’t find them particularly nice or helpful but it was decent service. I would definitely go again to try something else on the menu!