Pastel – Chocolate mascarpone crepe


About the meal: This is my go to, although I’ve tried a couple of the items on their menu. The chocolate crepe is filled with fresh strawberries and mascarpone cheese, a great alternative to nutella crepes. The mascarpone lightens up the sweetness of the chocolate sauce in which the crepe is covered.

This is served with some cocoa whipped cream on the side, and comes with 2 scoops of ice cream – usually french vanilla but the staff will allow you to make some changes; in the above I tried mango and french vanilla ice cream. The French vanilla is a great complement as it’s not too sweet, but I didn’t find the mango to be a good pairing option. The mango ice cream on itself also lacked creaminess.

This crepe makes for a great brunch or snack as it’s pretty filling, and if shared, a good desert option. It is not overly sweet but I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who doesn’t have a sweet tooth as the chocolate sauce and ice cream can tend to get overwhelming towards the end.

About the place: Cute, cosy little restaurant in North York, I’ve been several times and have always found the staff very friendly and welcoming. The selection of crepes, cakes, waffles and beverages that they offer is simply amazing for anyone with a sweet tooth – note that they also offer savory crepes. They also maintain a very clean environment which is key. This makes for a perfect spot to meet with friends, family or your significant other for brunch, desert or a snack. You’re welcome!