Le petit déjeuner- Special

19 Nov' 16_Le petit dejeuner

The meal: ***1/2

There was a special Benedict the day we visited (fried eggplant with homemade tomato sauce and melted cheese) and I decided to try it out. As you can see from the picture, the dish was not your standard eggs benny accompanied with home fries or greens. Instead, the sides were potato rosti/pancake and apple coleslaw.

The meal was nummy and was one of the best benny’s I’ve had thus far. This is coupled with the fact that the e ingredients were out of the ordinary and well done.

The place: ***

Another popular spot that has a guaranteed line up. It’s a tight fit and has a homey feel to it. I really like the shelf at the back with the turntable, speaker and records.

The price: $

– Strawberry Sherbet


Le petit déjeuner – Mocha


About the drink: You probably figured by now that I usually go for the mocha or the specialty drink on the menu! Just so you know, the mocha is not on the menu but if you ask they will happilly make it for you – bonus points for that! It was one of the best mochas I’ve had, in that you could taste the coffee (good coffee AND fair trade!) and the hot chocolate portion was made with rich chocolate, I’m going to suspect probably belgian. I also have to add that they used milk and not hot water for the hot chocolate, and a conoisseur will definitely know the difference. The whole thing was topped with chocolate/cocoa powder for a crisp finish. On the downside, there was no foam art and I have to admit although it was delicious, it was on the verge of being too sweet!

About the place: See post “Le petit déjeuner – Eggs Benny


Le petit déjeuner – Eggs Benny


About the meal: Sweet and savoury gal right here was very satisfied!

For the bacon option I went with peameal, which is a lot leaner. The eggs were made to perfection and the fact that it sat on a bed of salty bacon and was topped with hollandaise gave it the right amount of salt and moisture. The one thing that was perhaps lacking was some bread, to eat off the soft yolk that ran all over the plate one the egg was cut.

The apple slaw was a good mix of sweet and sour, very well complimented with the sauce on top. I will definitely look into making this at home!

And finally the waffles…. I don’t think I would do justice to them in my description so I would urge you to try it for yourself! They’re not the typical thick waffles that you’ll find in most places, but rather very light and fluffly, with a quite unique taste to them. a great accompaniment to the rest of the meal!

About the place: This place has GREAT music! Not too loud so you can still have a good conversation. The staff is just amazing! Very friendly and helpful when navigating the menu 🙂 thumbs up! I would say it’s a great place to meet with friends or great for a date, however the line up is pretty long… On average 30min (for weekend brunch at least).