Lady Marmalade – Crepe Croque Monsieur


About the meal: This dish is a creative way of reinventing the croque-monsieur, traditionally an oven-baked grilled cheese sandwich with ham. This dish contained ham, cheddar, scallion cream with poached eggs, spinach and potatoes. I believe you can sub the ham for roasted veg, for those who cannot have meat/pork.

In essence, the bread in a traditional croque-monsieur was replaced with a savoury crepe, making the overall dish a lot less crunchy. I found the ham and cheese mix within to be a little too salty, and even though the poached eggs and spinach were a perfect accompaniment, the salt was a little overwhelming. The concept and choice of ingredients were great however!

The potatoes on the side? To die for!! You must give them a try if you ever visit 😉




Lady Marmalade – Café Mocha


About the drink: A rich and creamy mocha, with just the right proportions of espresso and hot chocolate. Not to sweet, but more on the bitter side. Approved by a mocha lover! If it weren’t for the long line up, I would definitely also just come here just for a drink (mocha).


Lady Marmalade – Daily Baked Bread Pudding


About the meal: I have a sweet tooth, so I will always try something sweet (and different) during brunch. I love bread pudding and berries so I thought Id give this a try, and I wasn’t disappointed!

The brea pudding is served with fresh fruit, berry coulis & Ontario maple syrup. The pudding is soft and fluffy inside, and a little crunchy on the outside – from the fact that it’s baked. It has just the right amount of berry coulis to give it a hint of sweet and sourness. I also loved the fact that the portions are decently sized to either enjoy as a solo portion, or share.

About the place: We had to wait a decent hour in line before getting a seat. The staff attended to the line, contrary to a lot of other places I’ve been to. Once inside the service was good, pretty quick, and the atmosphere was a calm and comfortable one. I would definitely check this place out again!


Lady Marmalade- Cochinita Pibil’ Pulled Pork Benny

Lady Marmalade_21 Jan 2017

The meal: ****

As you’re well aware by now, I truly enjoy egg bennies. This one has an edge over Le petit déjeuner’s benny because of the Mexican style pulled pork that was succulent and full of flavour. The sides as usual were a great addition to the dish.

The place: **

Rustique and tables felt like they were going to give up at any time. This doesn’t deter customers as the food is worthwhile. That being said, the place is very busy and you should expect a line up should you visit on a weekend.

The price: $

– Strawberry Sherbet