Green Eggplant – Mediterranean Fresh Mint Green Tea

About the drink: The drink description on the menu is a little misleading because it calls out “green tea with mint”. However, loved the fact that it was real mint leaves and not the usualy loose leaf mint teabag. I added a squeeze of lemon and a hint of honey and I was good to go!

My only comment is that for the simplicity and size of it, it was a little overpriced.

About the place: See post “Green Eggplant – California Smoked Salmon Benedict“.



Green Eggplant – California Smoked Salmon Benedict

About the meal: The dish consisted of 2 poached eggs sitting on a bed of multigrain toast, spinach, tomatoes, and smoked salmon; I’ve asked for the cream cheese on the side but I believe it normally comes as a layer to the toast. It is also served with hollandaise sauce, potato pancakes and green salad.

The eggs were more cooked than you would usually, making it closer to a boiled egg, except for the runny yolk – I find that it changes the taste of the usual benny. It was a good benny! And the mix of spinach and smoked salmon almost made it like a sandwich. The potatoes were pretty good, similar to hash browns but with more of a real potato taste (as opposed to frozen), and the salad had a really good dressing on it. I also appreciated the fact that it was a mix of vegetables – usually, “greens” in a brunch menu are just lettuces.

About the place: Great place to catch up with a friend or multiple friends, a large group, or hangout with family and kids! We were seated not too far from the stairway that led to the bathroom, and I thought it smelt a little like detergent.. that made me a little uncomfortable.

The service was good, the waitress was very friendly and accommodating. There’s enough options to keep most people happy, and the prices are very fair.


Green Eggplant – Mediterranean breakfast

Green Eggplant.JPG

The meal: ***

The meal was your ordinary 3 eggs, bacon (additional topping), & toast but what piqued my interest was the ‘Mediterranean’. The toast was substituted with challah toast. The dish also came with some sliced tomatoes, black olives, humus, feta cheese and green salad. The plate was also supposed to come with cream cheese but I somehow ended up with sour cream 0_0.

The salad was delicious but I felt that the rest of the ingredients were out of place. I would have enjoyed the meal just as much without the extra ingredients. In other words, they didn’t really add value to the dish or maybe I’m just too old school.

The place: ***

The place is homey (even has a fireplace) and spacious. The walls are decorated with flower themed paintings. There’s also a bar (no seats though) and TV screens if you feel like hanging out with friends and watching a game.

The price: $

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