Cora- Surprise

26 Feb'17 Coras Surprise

The meal: **1/2

Most disappointing meal from all my visits to Cora. The plate caught me by surprise, pun intended. I expected thick French toast but after reading the ingredients again, I realize it’s the French toast batter that the toasts are dipped in. There was no “mountain” of fruit though. Nevertheless, the egg, ham, & Swiss cheese sandwich was not bad. Another classic that you can’t really go wrong with if you’re looking for ‘snack’.

The place:

Same warm and bright ambiance. If you have never been to Cora, you can check out previous Cora reviews under Toronto’s Brunch food escapes for more.

The price: $

– Strawberry Sherbet



Cora – Rosemary’s Sunday


About the meal: I can never chose between a sweet or savory breakfast (especially when it’s at brunchtime!) so this is usually my go to. Rosemary’s Sunday comes with potatoes, eggs, blueberry pancakes, a choice of ham/sausage bacon, and some toast.

There is not much you can say about the eggs, they were the typical sunny side up – nothing extraordinary here. The sausages are also your typical breakfast (pork) sausage, and the blueberries pancakes were good, but nothing out of the ordinary here either. I have to say that I love the way they make their potatoes though, definitely something I get as a side dish every time I come to Cora’s!

This was in winter, and I found that the fruits weren’t very sweet. Not sure I can expect them to be, when they’re considered garnishing and decoration for the plate.

This is a good value meal, if you’re looking for a decent portion, a mix of sweet/savory without breaking the bank. But unlike places where you wait in line to be blown away by the fusion of tastes, this is a simple and ordinary breakfast meal.

About the place: It’s always difficult to review the place when it’s a chain, but from my experiences in various Cora’s locations, the staff is usually friendly and the service pretty fast. However, you might have to wait in line on a Saturday/Sunday at peak times.

It’s a great place to catch up with friends, and also welcomes families and kids (they have coloring table mats which are pretty cool!)


Cora- Buckwheat Blessing


The meal:**

Due to its convenient local, Cora is the go to brunch spot. I’ve tried quite a few dishes but this time around, I decided to go with the Buckwheat blessing. The fruits were delicious (not too ripe and not on the verge of ripening which typically tends to be the case). The sausage wrapped with buckwheat and sorghum crepes, however, were mediocre for my standards. There wasn’t enough being offered in terms of flavour. It might be that buckwheat is something of an acquired taste.

The place: ***

Same old, same old.  Just new wall decorations. See my 10 star omelette review for more about the place.

The price: $

– Strawberry Sherbet

Cora- 10 Star Omelette


The meal: **1/2

My favourite dish at Cora is the smoked salmon eggs Ben et Dictine which I’m sure will be posted in the near future.

On this day, however, I was in the mood for an omelette and chose the 10 star. It has a lot going on (bacon, ham, sausages, veggies, frankfurters, cheese…etc.) which is not always a bad thing, if done right. I was disappointed at the quality of the bacon (fatty) and the ‘jambalaya’ of ingredients was not anything spectacular.

The place: ***

The Cora restaurants cater to all audiences and can seat a large number of guests at any given time. It’s well lit and colourful with handmade crafts and decorations hanging on the walls. There’s always at least one server to greet you at the door and guide your seat.

The price: $

– Strawberry Sherbet