SmoQue Shack – Jamaican jerk chicken


The meal: ***

I am not fond of spicy food and this was just on the verge. This was a side that I ordered with the ‘pulled pork poutine’. The chicken was tender and full of flavour throughout and not just on the surface.

The price: $$

– Strawberry Sherbet


SmoQue Shack – Pulled pork sandwich


About the meal:
The sandwich comes with a side – my choice here was coleslaw. The sandwich itself was good, but really thanks to the meat inside, the buns were just OK. The pulled pork was cooked so that it was very soft, and with enough sauce to give it flavor and make it moist and juicy. I still prefer the pulled pork in the poutine though!
As for the coleslaw, I found it rather plain and falvorless.. Some may disagree with me because of calorie reasons, but I like my coleslaw creamy, and this one was light. Overall, it is a decent meal, nothing extravagant.

About the place:
Nice cozy atmosphere. When it gets busy, it might get a little tight though as the tables are close to each other. The staff is usually very friendly, but when it’s late or busy, I felt like I got less attention from my server.
Little bonus – I also noticed that the portion sizes may very depending on the time of day at which you visit SmoQue Shack.


SmoQue Shack – Pulled pork poutine

pppoutine pppoutine2

The meal: ***1/2

This has to be by far, my favourite poutine in town. Forget Smoke’s Poutinerie because this here is some quality poutine. I’ve heard from friends that Quebec is where the best poutine resides but until then, the ‘pulled pork poutine’ is the undisputed champ.

The fries are home cut, well spiced and not too soft, the pulled pork is delicious (on par with pulled pork found on the best Ottawa rib festival stands) and the amount of gravy and curds is just right. We don’t regularly eat poutine but when we do, it’s Smoque Shack’s ‘pulled pork poutine.’

The price: $$

– Strawberry Sherbet

SmoQue Shack – Mac & cheese


The meal: **

This snack was the reason I was introduced to Smoque Shack. According to my friend, the mac and cheese was to die for. I’m not a big fan of mac and cheese so I didn’t quite feel the same way after trying it. I found the only thing that made it different was the fact that it was baked. The plate above is considered a side. The portion is small and cheap which entices you to order more sides and believe me there’re plenty of options to choose from. What I really love about this place is that you can never go wrong. There’s not a single time I’ve ordered something and regretted it.

The place: ***

The restaurant is well located (close to the Byward market) but doesn’t stand out. If one was to walk by without knowing the address, they probably wouldn’t spot it. The atmosphere is homey. This has a lot to do with the country theme. There aren’t many seats in the restaurant but I’m yet to see the place fully occupied.

The price: $$

– Strawberry Sherbet