Mystico – Arnisia paidakia sharas


The meal: ***1/2

The arnisia paidaka sharas is a dish composed of charcoal-grilled lamb chops with your choice of side (I chose potatoes) and fresh salad of the day (Greek salad). I very much enjoyed the meal. The lemon flavoured potatoes went well with the tender and well seasoned chops. As RaspberryCream mentioned on her ‘rack of lamb’ post, the lemon flavour can get you off guard if you’re not fond/familiar with Greek cuisine.

The place: **1/2 (check out RaspberryCream’s ‘rack of lamb’ post)

The price: $$

– Strawberry Sherbet


Mystico – Rack of lamb

Rackoflamb     Greeksaladside

About the meal: The rack of lamb comes with a side – my choice was the Greek salad. As you can see, it’s a decent portion of sides, considering not only the bowl of salad but also the rice and potatoes that come with the meal (they are hidden under the lamb in the picture above). The rice was well spiced and well-cooked, not hard like you may find in a lot of restaurants. So were the potatoes. However, a heads up for people who don’t like sour foods because this meal (and a lot of others on the menu) is cooked with lemon, which in my opinion adds tanginess to the meal, but people unfamiliar with this kind of taste may find it unappealing.

Like any meats, you had the choice of the degree of redness for your meat. I had mine medium-rare and it came out very nicely, juicy and once more, full of flavor. The meat was also very tender.

About the place: This is a higher end restaurant, so the prices are higher than average; for the quality of the service we got, I personally found it so-so. I felt like the waitress was getting annoyed at the questions asked about the meals. Another thing I didn’t particularly appreciate was the darkness of the place. The lights were very dim but it wasn’t a classy atmosphere kind of lighting, it was more of a “dark” atmosphere in the sense that you could feel that the place was not well lit. That made it a little difficult to read the menu as well. Overall the decor is nice though, and there is a bar for those interested in sitting there for a drink after their meal.

I really did enjoy the bread and butter served prior to the meal, and the fact that the waitress was nice enough to bring us a refill of the amazing buns!