Milestones – Baked goat cheese & slow-roasted garlic


This appetizer is by far my favorite in the Milestones menu! And the good thing is, it’s actually filling enough that when I eat this I’m full! (I will speak for myself though, some big eaters out there will consider this a snack size). The other good thing is, if you do have a small belly like me and you want an appetizer and a main dish, this is a perfect platter to share!

The plate consists of the following: flat bread sprinkled with cheese, fig jam, spiced cranberry relish, a half roasted garlic clove, toasted baguette slices and goat cheese. I find that the flat bread tastes the best with some goat cheese and fig jam; the salted and strong taste of the cheese is perfectly matched and toned down by the sweetness of the fig jam, a very unique and incredible taste! The way I enjoy the toasted baguette slices is by rubbing on some  of the roasted garlic on it, and spreading a little bit of the cranberry relish. Another wonder of the taste buds!

Whether you are looking for a snack or a little amuse-gueule to eat as you enjoy some drinks, this is the perfect plate!



Milestones – The cookie

the cookieWhat better way to end a nice meal than the cookie?
I have to admit, this is a rich desert: a chocolate chip cookie, covered with chocolate and caramel, altogether topped with a scoop of ice-cream! I have a sweet tooth but I would advise this as a shared desert.

The soft chocolate cookie is drizzled with chocolate sauce at all times, but if you visit the restaurant at an off-peak time, you will also benefit from extra caramel sauce on top! That’s perfect if you are looking for a nice spot to share a snack downtown Ottawa.
I find that the vanilla ice cream perfectly compliments the warm cookie, and tones down the very strong sweet taste of the cookie. Also, the fact that it’s a soft cookie makes it easier to enjoy with the ice-cream.

A definite RECOMMEND on my part!


Milestones – Bellini


This nice cocktail is perfect for cooling down on a hot summer day. If you are not into strong alcoholic beverages, this is also a good cocktail because the alcohol taste is very subtle.

The consistency is perfect enough that there is no ice left behind as you sip on the flavorful cocktail; again, I have a sweet tooth so it tastes just fine, but it does have syrup so if you are not into sweet drinks this may not be for you.

However if like me you are a fan, take advantage of the Ladies nights on Mondays, where you can enjoy 4 bellinis and 4 appetizers for 40$!


Milestones – Crispy calamari strips


The meal: *

I found the calamari strips quite plain and even after dipping them in the sauces, they still weren’t flavourful. The reason I went to Milestones that day, however, was for ‘the cookie’ which was just as delicious as it looks (reviewed by RaspberryCream).

The place: ***1/2

Each customer is greeted at the door with friendly staff and is seated in either the dining or lounge section. We chose the lounge which ended up having a good view of the street (Rideau) and patio. There were other people in the same section but the room is well spaced so the noise level is low. If you’re on a date or hanging out with some friends, I’d recommend the lounge.

The price: $$

– Strawberry Sherbet