Ottawa ribfest 2013 (Gator BBQ) – Chicken and rib combo


The combo selected was comprised of some ribs (the option of beef or pork) as well as a half chicken.

Personally, I found the chicken a little dry, and the flavor was solely on the external part of the meat, where the special sauce was applied prior to grilling. As you ate the meat closer to the interior, the taste was really not there.

The pork ribs were good, well seasoned and not too fatty; and well cooked – an important factor for pig meat! As for the beef ribs, saving the best for last, they were AMAZING! Tender and very flavorful, with a good amount of sauce to make it juicy. I just couldn’t get enough of these!

If there is one thing I would advise you to get from the Ottawa ribfest, it would be the beef ribs from Gator BBQ!