The Works – Oreo cookies shake


About the drink:
I love milkshakes and Oreo cookies, so the Oreo cookie shake was like heaven on Earth! The shake is really thick, which makes it nice and creamy, but also filling! The drink had the right amount of milkiness, creaminess, cookie-flavour and sweetness. I would definitely suggest this as a snack anytime during the day!

About the place:
Cosy place ideal for a casual meal or a celebration. I also received a voucher for a free meal (on my next visit) since I went for my birthday. Great birthday gift if you ask me!



Ekko de Brasil – Caipirinha


About the drink:
I had never had a caipirinha before this one, so it would be hard to tell whether it was a good caipirinha or not. Caipirinha is Brazil’s national cocktail, and is made of cachaça/caninha (sugar cane liquor), sugar and lime. It somewhat reminded me of a mojito, but a lighter and sweeter version of it. Although I can’t compare it to the typical “good” caipirinha, I definitely enjoyed this drink.

About the place:
It’s an interesting buffet place, where the waiters constantly walk around with long skewers of different kinds of meats which they cut straight into your plate. That being said, it is fairly easy to get a hold of a waiter if you have a question or specific needs/requests. The seating area is also quite comfortable, and there was a live performance which was great! – we went on a Sunday evening. I quite liked it. It’s a little pricy so if you plan on trying this place out, have your wallet prepared!


Ever afters – Almond sherbet with (tapioca) pearls


About the drink: Before trying out the almond sherbet, my other 2 favourite flavours were:
#1: The strawberry sherbet, which I discovered thanks to my little sister
#2: The passion fruit green tea bubble tea (with pearls, it’s the best part!)

I had try the raw almond milk before so when I was offered this, which Strawberry Sherbet had ordered, I thought I wouldn’t like it, but tasted out of politeness. Little did I know it would become my favourite – and definitely one of my favourite beverages of all times! The sherbet makes it refreshing, the pears complete the deliciousness, and the almond simply gives it a light and refreshing drink, like a cold ice-tea on a summer day! It also has this “dry” taste which I particularly enjoy.

About the place: Very cozy place with a friendly waiter, whose very knowledgeable about the menu. I also like the fact that they promote Artists by displaying their art around the place; some of it is also for sale for those interested! The only downside is that if you go there in the evening (in the summer, I haven’t gone in the winter), chances are that they ran out of bubbles 😦 So one thing to consider if you want the full bubble tea experience, would perhaps be to call ahead of time. Happy sipping!