Moxie’s – White chocolate brownie


About the meal: I will be honest with you. I don’t really like white chocolate, so when asked to try this desert, I was very reluctant, but did it in the name of “trying new things”. I can say I did well by doing so! This desert was simply one of the best I’ve had! The warm white chocolate brownie is lighter than it’s milk chocolate counterpart, which makes it easier to eat after a meal. I also like the softness and sponginess of it. The whipped cream on the side was light, and the vanilla ice cream is as always, a great way to tone down on the sweetness and warmth of the cake. 10/10! I really can’t find anything to bring the grade down, not even by a tiny notch.

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Red Lobster – Chocolate wave

About the meal: What to say about this desert… It’s a warm chocolate cake drizzled with chocolate sauce, and topped with vanilla ice cream. A very good desert to enjoy but again, this is Miss sweet-tooth speaking here. In all honesty, the chocolate cake/chocolate sauce combo is rather overwhelming, but the light vanilla ice cream complements it really well. The portion is pretty big if you’ve had a meal before, so I would recommend it to share. I also really liked the mix of hot and cold, which is just like an edible definition of fire and ice, if you’re still wondering how that concept is possible!

About the place:
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Milestones – The cookie

the cookieWhat better way to end a nice meal than the cookie?
I have to admit, this is a rich desert: a chocolate chip cookie, covered with chocolate and caramel, altogether topped with a scoop of ice-cream! I have a sweet tooth but I would advise this as a shared desert.

The soft chocolate cookie is drizzled with chocolate sauce at all times, but if you visit the restaurant at an off-peak time, you will also benefit from extra caramel sauce on top! That’s perfect if you are looking for a nice spot to share a snack downtown Ottawa.
I find that the vanilla ice cream perfectly compliments the warm cookie, and tones down the very strong sweet taste of the cookie. Also, the fact that it’s a soft cookie makes it easier to enjoy with the ice-cream.

A definite RECOMMEND on my part!