Nando’s – Double leg with 2 sides (wedge potatoes and coleslaw here)



About the meal:
Nando’s is quite exceptional if you like chicken! They know how to make it well, and in all sorts of ways: skewer, grilled, the liver, you name it! I find the chicken very flavorful and very moist, which is pleasant especially if you’re getting the breast.
The coleslaw is made very well, with the right amount of everything, and enough sauce for the taste – in my opinion, the sauce is the best part of the coleslaw! In terms of the wedge potatoes, they are made just right – and just perfect! They are soft on the inside and a little crispy on the outside, with a good combination of spices for the perfect amount of flavor. This combo right here, that’s my favorite!

Having tasted the authentic Nando’s in South Africa, I can also guarantee that they have done a good job recreating the same quality of food!

About the place:
(Orleans location). This is one of the restaurants where you pay prior to receiving your meal. The waiters do bring over the food, but it can be difficult to grab their attention given that the seating area is somewhat hidden with respect to the order desk. They used to put a lot of sauce on top of the pieces of chicken, but less and less it seems, as time goes by. The portions are decent (although they also decreased with time). In terms of food quality though, I would say it’s top! You also have to get the straws, ketchup and other sauces yourself – self serve. It’s usually pretty clean, and the staff is friendly and always ready to help.