Moxie’s – Top sirloin


About the meal: One of the best meals I’ve had! And I’m not only talking about my dish; we went out as a group and all the meals were amazing. But to get back to this one: The steak is “aaa” grain fed Alberta beef. The meat was incredibly tender and juicy, and seasoned just the right amount. The meal comes with a choice of seasonal vegetable, and a side of potato. The vegetable of the season that I went with was broccoli, as you can see in the above picture; I naturally like broccoli but for those who don’t, they seasoned it and brought the taste to a new level! It’s worth trying. As for the side of potato, I chose the stuffed baked potato, which is essentially potato mashed with I believe bacon, cheese (?) and herbs/seasoning; the mix is then put back into the potato skin and baked. A must-try for any potato lover! It was truly exquisite! I loved the soft crust at the top, and the soft texture within the potato skin. The flavours were once again mixed just right and complimented the steak and broccoli well. My grade: A+ all the way!

About the place: Nice classy environment, with very friendly staff who are quite knowledgeable about the menu, and give great advice. One thing I would change is the lighting, which is a little dim, but I guess it’s the kind of ambiance they wanted to go with. Great spot for a date or a celebration!