Leña Restaurante – Ginger Yerba Mate Tea


About the drink: Absolutely loved that it came in a pot! The places that do this are the best 😀 Because it came in a steel (?) pot, the tea remained warm for a long time.

Being the great tea lover & drinker that I am, 1 cup is never enough. This tea was of good quality. I could taste the matcha and ginger, but I would say that the ginger was more of a latent, subtle flavour. Good if you’re looking for mate tea with a twist (and health benefits!) Ginger is amazing for digestion and colds, and yerba mate helps focus.

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Leña Restaurante – Albacore Tuna



About the meal: Ingredients – salt-roasted potato, caramelized onions, olive

The tuna was not served very warm. I also think there could’ve been a little more seasoning on the fish prior to cooking. I personally quite enjoyed the way it was cooked, seared on the outside and raw on the inside – I personally prefer tuna cooked that was, I find that the rawness adds juiciness and chewiness. Cooked tuna looses some of its flavour. I have to admit though, this is not for everyone (and the waitress didn’t ask me how I wanted my dish cooked, so some of you might be surprised!)

The potatoes and caramelized onions were a good side for the tuna, and the drizzle of olive oil also added a flair of mediterranean flavour. The mashed olive flesh was an interesting feature to add, and to my surprise went really well with the tuna – almost like it gave it more character. Very unique!

I wasn’t a fan of the accompanying greens, they were quite bitter; but I’m sure it was a very healthy option!

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Leña Restaurante – Panqueques



About the meal: Ingredients – dulce de leche crêpes, crème fraîche, charred orange

This was a good idea, whoever came up with this. I wasn’t a fan of the crepe texture, it didn’t taste like it was fresh out of the pan, probably preserved in the fridge. But I loved the fact that the dessert wasn’t too sweet. The oranges weren’t sweet but rather bitter, kind of like marmelade made with orange skins. I’m not sure whether this was intentional but I found that it killed the taste for me. Conclusion, maybe the orange would’ve been a better complement if it was infused in the dulce de leche? My suggestion to the chef 😉

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Leña Restaurante – Charred Veal Carpaccio



About the meal: Ingredients – charred veal, roasted red pepper, pickled pearl onion, jalapeño & caper crema.

The veal wasn’t very flavourful, I could almost taste the raw meatiness of it. However the caramelized onions & pickled vegetables added a sweet and sour twist that went well with it. The creaminess was also a great complement and made the dish more savoury. The peppers gave the dish a bit of a soggy texture, but added a necessary umps which elevated and paired very well with the pickled taste.

About the place: I went alone and was given a seat with a large table and a great view of the whole restaurant – amazing for people watching or reading! It’s a great place for a business lunch or to bring a date, but it was a tiny bit loud if you’re trying to have a conversation without yelling. The decor was amazing, everything looked clean and in its place, and the servers were well mannered. I was seated in the dining area during this visit.


Little Fin – Lobster Roll

Lobster roll

About the meal: I love lobster so naturally it made sense to try the lobster roll. I chose the coleslaw and potato wedges as my 2 sides. The coleslaw is great! Not your typical creamy one, but I think they put some apples in there and that adds a whole different twist to the traditionally “heavy” salad. If you love potatoes like me, the wedges are a must try! They’re just amazing, a think layer of crispiness on the outside, and a soft center. Yum! Finally, the lobster roll. After trying it, my opinion is that it was a little overpriced. I felt like the ratio of bread to lobster meat was weak. And for the lobster, it tasted fresh but I felt like it wasn’t seasoned enough (perhaps just salt). All this to say, I thought it was just OK – but now I know!

About the place: I’ve only ever visited this place at lunchtime (on a weekday) and it always seems to be busy! I love that there is a patio, so on a nice summer day it’s great to sit out there. The staff has always been nice and helpful, making it a great experience despite the long lines. The service is also fairly quick. This place grabbed my attention because of their seafood vibe; located in the financial district of Toronto, the blue and white colours along with the beach-style cafe tables made it appealing. And I can say I wasn’t disappointed!


Lady Marmalade – Crepe Croque Monsieur


About the meal: This dish is a creative way of reinventing the croque-monsieur, traditionally an oven-baked grilled cheese sandwich with ham. This dish contained ham, cheddar, scallion cream with poached eggs, spinach and potatoes. I believe you can sub the ham for roasted veg, for those who cannot have meat/pork.

In essence, the bread in a traditional croque-monsieur was replaced with a savoury crepe, making the overall dish a lot less crunchy. I found the ham and cheese mix within to be a little too salty, and even though the poached eggs and spinach were a perfect accompaniment, the salt was a little overwhelming. The concept and choice of ingredients were great however!

The potatoes on the side? To die for!! You must give them a try if you ever visit 😉