Little Fin – Lobster Roll

Lobster roll

About the meal: I love lobster so naturally it made sense to try the lobster roll. I chose the coleslaw and potato wedges as my 2 sides. The coleslaw is great! Not your typical creamy one, but I think they put some apples in there and that adds a whole different twist to the traditionally “heavy” salad. If you love potatoes like me, the wedges are a must try! They’re just amazing, a think layer of crispiness on the outside, and a soft center. Yum! Finally, the lobster roll. After trying it, my opinion is that it was a little overpriced. I felt like the ratio of bread to lobster meat was weak. And for the lobster, it tasted fresh but I felt like it wasn’t seasoned enough (perhaps just salt). All this to say, I thought it was just OK – but now I know!

About the place: I’ve only ever visited this place at lunchtime (on a weekday) and it always seems to be busy! I love that there is a patio, so on a nice summer day it’s great to sit out there. The staff has always been nice and helpful, making it a great experience despite the long lines. The service is also fairly quick. This place grabbed my attention because of their seafood vibe; located in the financial district of Toronto, the blue and white colours along with the beach-style cafe tables made it appealing. And I can say I wasn’t disappointed!



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