Leña Restaurante – Charred Veal Carpaccio



About the meal: Ingredients – charred veal, roasted red pepper, pickled pearl onion, jalapeño & caper crema.

The veal wasn’t very flavourful, I could almost taste the raw meatiness of it. However the caramelized onions & pickled vegetables added a sweet and sour twist that went well with it. The creaminess was also a great complement and made the dish more savoury. The peppers gave the dish a bit of a soggy texture, but added a necessary umps which elevated and paired very well with the pickled taste.

About the place: I went alone and was given a seat with a large table and a great view of the whole restaurant – amazing for people watching or reading! It’s a great place for a business lunch or to bring a date, but it was a tiny bit loud if you’re trying to have a conversation without yelling. The decor was amazing, everything looked clean and in its place, and the servers were well mannered. I was seated in the dining area during this visit.



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