Leña Restaurante – Albacore Tuna



About the meal: Ingredients – salt-roasted potato, caramelized onions, olive

The tuna was not served very warm. I also think there could’ve been a little more seasoning on the fish prior to cooking. I personally quite enjoyed the way it was cooked, seared on the outside and raw on the inside – I personally prefer tuna cooked that was, I find that the rawness adds juiciness and chewiness. Cooked tuna looses some of its flavour. I have to admit though, this is not for everyone (and the waitress didn’t ask me how I wanted my dish cooked, so some of you might be surprised!)

The potatoes and caramelized onions were a good side for the tuna, and the drizzle of olive oil also added a flair of mediterranean flavour. The mashed olive flesh was an interesting feature to add, and to my surprise went really well with the tuna – almost like it gave it more character. Very unique!

I wasn’t a fan of the accompanying greens, they were quite bitter; but I’m sure it was a very healthy option!

About the place: See post Leña Restaurante – Charred Veal Carpaccio.



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