Lady Marmalade – Daily Baked Bread Pudding


About the meal: I have a sweet tooth, so I will always try something sweet (and different) during brunch. I love bread pudding and berries so I thought Id give this a try, and I wasn’t disappointed!

The brea pudding is served with fresh fruit, berry coulis & Ontario maple syrup. The pudding is soft and fluffy inside, and a little crunchy on the outside – from the fact that it’s baked. It has just the right amount of berry coulis to give it a hint of sweet and sourness. I also loved the fact that the portions are decently sized to either enjoy as a solo portion, or share.

About the place: We had to wait a decent hour in line before getting a seat. The staff attended to the line, contrary to a lot of other places I’ve been to. Once inside the service was good, pretty quick, and the atmosphere was a calm and comfortable one. I would definitely check this place out again!



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