Lady Marmalade – Crepe Croque Monsieur


About the meal: This dish is a creative way of reinventing the croque-monsieur, traditionally an oven-baked grilled cheese sandwich with ham. This dish contained ham, cheddar, scallion cream with poached eggs, spinach and potatoes. I believe you can sub the ham for roasted veg, for those who cannot have meat/pork.

In essence, the bread in a traditional croque-monsieur was replaced with a savoury crepe, making the overall dish a lot less crunchy. I found the ham and cheese mix within to be a little too salty, and even though the poached eggs and spinach were a perfect accompaniment, the salt was a little overwhelming. The concept and choice of ingredients were great however!

The potatoes on the side? To die for!! You must give them a try if you ever visit 😉




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