Mildred’s Temple Kitchen- Big Brunch Skillet

Big Brunch SkilletThe meal: ***1/2

The first few images you’ll come across on Google will be of blueberry pancackes. This is what they’re mostly known for but I, on the other hand, was in the mood for something savoury. I thus opted for the big brunch skillet which comes with spicy pulled pork, black bean and potato hash with sunny eggs and piri piri salsa. Thankfully, the spices were not hot. The meal was quite satisfying and tasty but I felt that I had to hunt for the flavours (not consistent).

We did, however, get the buttermilk pancakes to share and they were very delicious. They were thick & fluffy and very tasty even without the pairings (blueberry compote, whipped cream and maple syrup). Highly recommended.

The place: ***1/2

Open space concept. The setting/display reminded me of a typical university campus cafeteria dining hall. I have nothing against uni. campus cafeterias but this was my first impression. The main kitchen (yes, there are 2 kitchens), overlooks the guests (front, right, and left) where they, if they so choose, can see the chefs prepare and cook the dishes. It seems to me that the intent is to have the island in a way mimic the standard altar found in places of worship hence the ‘worship flavour’ slogan. The second kitchen is used to mainly prepare ingredients and desserts. The restaurants overlooks train tracks which adds a factor of serenity; away from the bustling streets of . Furthermore, the space is naturally lit.

The wait time, however, is brutal! We went on a Sunday and the wait was 1hr 20mins minimum with a first come first serve basis, as reservations are only taken at the door. The wait to get your name on the list can be an additional 15-30 mins. We were not in a rush and thus took a walk around the area while we waited for the text.

The price: $

– Strawberry Sherbet


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