Light café- Desserts

Choco-Banana Mille Feuille & Charcoal Black Sesame Waffle-sesame ice creamThe meal: ****

Next door neighbour to Artic Bites. I opted for the choco-banana mille-feuille whereas RaspberryCream opted for the Charcoal Black Sesame Waffle with black sesame ice cream and mochi (Japanese rice cake). Yes, the latter was just as mouth-watering as it sounds. The mochi was infused within the waffle to add a little edge. The waffle was also warm and thus paired very well with the ice cream.

The mille-feuille on the other hand was also tasty but not in the same league. The pipette with chocolate sauce, however, was quite unique.

The place: ****

According to the waitress, the spot opened no more than 2 years ago. It has a very modern look and feel to it. Furthermore, there’s a living wall inside the café. There are enough seats to accommodate a small crowd and with wi-fi access, obviously. Good hang out or first date spot.

The price: $

– Strawberry Sherbet


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