Arctic Bites – Thai Me Up

Arctic bites

About the meal: If you like ice cream and you love an original dessert/sweet snack, this place is for you!

Thai me up is made with thai milk tea (which tasted a lot like Hong Kong milk tea), topped with whipped cream and 2 “hello panda” cookies, half a pizzelle and condensed milk drizzle. I love the whole art behind the making of this: the molten ice cream is spread on a cold plate and flattened as it cools and solidifies; it’s then rolled up before the design of the dessert cup is created. A beautiful edible piece!

I also have to add that despite all the above listed ingredients, this dessert didn’t taste overly sweet.

About the place: It’s a cute small little dessert house on Baldwin. The wait isn’t too bad (let’s not even compare it to Sweet Jesus!) and the ice cream is delicious! There aren’t a lot of sitting spots, but if you go when it’s hot, the whole “front-yard” is open for you to enjoy. Or, as I did, enjoy as you take a walk.



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