York Rd Kitchen & Chocolate Bar- Lamb Shank


The meal: **1/2

A friend recommended this spot for dessert but while we were there, I opted to try the lamb shank cooked in rich chocolate tomato sauce. It was an odd combo but you know what they say, “when in Rome”. Overall, it was a decent meal. The chocolate bits on the meat, however, ruined the meat in my opinion. If you enjoy a savoury lamb shank like I do then this dish is definitely not for you.

We of course had to try dessert and went with the chocolate fondu. It did not disappoint and as you can tell from the picture, the portion is petit. If you happen to have a sweet tooth and are dinning with another person then you might want to consider getting separate orders.

The place:***1/2

The bar is large and has many rooms (open bar, dining, private rooms) that can be used to cater to any audience. It is also used to cater events from time to time.

The price: $

– Strawberry Sherbet


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