Barchef- Daiquiri Adaptation

25 Feb '17 Barchef.JPG

The drink: ****1/2

This is my first review of a drink but Barchef’s cocktails are exceptional and if you’ve been there or know of the bar then you know exactly what I am talking about. Their cocktails not only taste amazing but invoke your other senses to participate in the experience. The presentation and aromas are extraordinary.

My choice was from the modernist cocktails, the ‘Daiquiri adaptation which is a spiced blend of tropical juices (lime, pineapple, & coconut). They try and have both an edible and drinkable version. As the theme was tropical, the latter was served in a coconut and the former in a glass bowl. The spiced lime snow with fruits was quite refreshing. To top it off, they were both served in a box of sand! Whaaat!

The place: ***

More of a lounge than a bar. There are bites/snacks that you can order but they specialize is cocktails. The lights are quite dim and localized which is intentionally done to ensure your attention/senses are tuned to your immediate surroundings. Good spot for a date but be prepared to spend as a cocktail is $25 average.

The price: $$

– Strawberry Sherbet


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