Art square café- Smoked Salmon crepe

25 Feb '17 Art SquareCafe.JPG

The meal: ***

I was in mood for a savoury crepe and went with the smoked salmon and goat cheese. The crepe was thin and airy (no filling) which made the dish light. To my surprise the goat cheese paired well with the salmon and green onion dill.

I have yet, however, to find a better creperie than ‘Pastel creperie and dessert house in North York. Check out RaspberryCream’s review of the chocolate mascarpone crepe for a sneak peak of one of their sweet crepes. If you know of a delish creperie spot in Tdot, please leave a comment

The place: ***1/2

The café is an art gallery and creperie which is unorthodox. Paintings start at the entrance and go all the way to the counter. The dining and gallery portion are well sectioned and one can enjoy the art without intruding. I recommend the Turkish tea should you ever visit. Check out RaspberryCream’s Very Berry Crepe review for more.

The price: $

– Strawberry Sherbet


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