Green Eggplant – California Smoked Salmon Benedict

About the meal: The dish consisted of 2 poached eggs sitting on a bed of multigrain toast, spinach, tomatoes, and smoked salmon; I’ve asked for the cream cheese on the side but I believe it normally comes as a layer to the toast. It is also served with hollandaise sauce, potato pancakes and green salad.

The eggs were more cooked than you would usually, making it closer to a boiled egg, except for the runny yolk – I find that it changes the taste of the usual benny. It was a good benny! And the mix of spinach and smoked salmon almost made it like a sandwich. The potatoes were pretty good, similar to hash browns but with more of a real potato taste (as opposed to frozen), and the salad had a really good dressing on it. I also appreciated the fact that it was a mix of vegetables – usually, “greens” in a brunch menu are just lettuces.

About the place: Great place to catch up with a friend or multiple friends, a large group, or hangout with family and kids! We were seated not too far from the stairway that led to the bathroom, and I thought it smelt a little like detergent.. that made me a little uncomfortable.

The service was good, the waitress was very friendly and accommodating. There’s enough options to keep most people happy, and the prices are very fair.



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