Sunset Grill – Crab Cake Benedict

Sunset grill

About the meal: I decided to get out of my “brunch comfort zone” and try something a little more out of the ordinary. The benedicts were served on crab cakes, with hollandaise sauce on top. It was a very interesting twist to the usual muffin/toast. The texture of the runny egg and crispy crab cake went really well together, and the hollandaise was a nice addition to moisten it all. The benedicts however were just regular, nothing exceptional.

There was a side of homefries – they were quite tasty! After eating the entire plate I found that there wasn’t much variety of taste. Although I would recommend this dish, I think it would be best shared – a sampling/apetizer portion would’ve been ideal for this.

About the place: Apparently they serve breakfast all day!! That to me is already a selling point. I didn’t know that when I decided to check it out though; in fact it was quite accidental: we needed brunch, it was cold, and Sunset Grill was the closest spot!

The venue has a casual but nice feel to it – good for a catch up, acceptable for kids/families and large groups. The waiters were just OK. we went at busy time, but I felt that our table was very neglected.



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