Art Square Café & Gallery – Very Berry Crepe

Very Berry

About the meal:
We are talking about Raspberry cream here. Needless to say, #berriesarelife and with my crepe craving that day, it was naturally obvious to go with this. The “Very Berry” is a sweet crepe filled with berry mix (blue & black berry, raspberry, strawberry) and topped with vanilla ice cream. It’s topped with an organic chocolate and pistachio garnish.

Contrary to other crepe places I’ve been to/reviewed, the crepe was very light – which was a bit of a disappointment. I was also expecting fresh berries, but I think it came from a frozen mix… The ice cream on top was pretty light (ie. not very creamy). I did enjoy the crunchy and nutty pistachio finish. Overall, it was OK but not exceptional.

About the place:
This place had an interesting vibe, as it had a Gallery displaying very interesting art and painting. You walk through the gallery before you reach the cafe, which is where the seating area is. There also seemed to be a patio (didn’t explore much since it was a cold winter day!)

We got to the cafe section and sat down, waiting for someone to come and take our order – no one did. We eventually went to the counter to order and that’s when we were given a menu. Not the most welcoming at first, but once we were seated the waitress attended to us in a more friendly manner.

I would suggest this place for a date, a meet-up with a friend, or a small-group catch-up. Given the space and the fact that it’s a gallery, it’s more on the quiet end. Perhaps not too suited for young kids either.



2 thoughts on “Art Square Café & Gallery – Very Berry Crepe

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