Art Square Cafe & Gallery – Turkish Tea

Turkish T

About the drink:
I have not had authentic Turkish tea before (sad to say, because my reviews on foreign dishes/drinks usually compare the authentic taste to the one in the restaurant I’m reviewing). However I can speak as a tea-sommelier; quick disclaimer, I’m not certified, I just love tea!

I always find that the cup in which the tea is served makes a difference in how the tea is appreciated, and this serving cup definitely added to the middle Eastern feel. This black tea was done right, not steeped too much, not too little and the spices in the tea gave it the aroma of a spice adventure! I saw myself sitting in a cafe in Turkey…. As expected, it was offered with sugar.

The teapot was enough for a couple of cups for 2 people, so definitely a good place to come for tea with a friend or date 😉

About the place:
See post “Art Square Cafe & Gallery – Very Berry Crepe“.





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