Nadège – Jindai



About the meal: Jindai is a decadent dessert with a matcha chantilly, fresh raspberries, raspberry crème brulée, meringue & an almond crust shell. This all sounds like my perfect dream given that I love fine pastries, raspberries (could you not tell from my name?), crème brulée and meringue! The sweetness of the chantilly was well complimented with the sourness of the fresh raspberries, and the vegetal taste of the matcha. An interesting twist! (note that I don’t particularly usually like matcha)

The crust was to perfection, not too soft, not too hard, not too crumbly, and the almond taste added a great nutty finish to the overall desert. I would definitely have this again!

About the place: (Yorkdale location) The staff was very friendly, and allowed us to sample some items. It’s a great place to grab things to go, or sit down and enjoy good company. Even though it was at the mall, the set up was very ell done and the noise level wasn’t too high – you could still have a decent conversation and hear each other; good place to catch up or hang out with family. Definitely a dangerous place to bring anyone with a sweet tooth! It’s a little pricey but for the quality it’s worth the occasional treat.



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