Cora – Rosemary’s Sunday


About the meal: I can never chose between a sweet or savory breakfast (especially when it’s at brunchtime!) so this is usually my go to. Rosemary’s Sunday comes with potatoes, eggs, blueberry pancakes, a choice of ham/sausage bacon, and some toast.

There is not much you can say about the eggs, they were the typical sunny side up – nothing extraordinary here. The sausages are also your typical breakfast (pork) sausage, and the blueberries pancakes were good, but nothing out of the ordinary here either. I have to say that I love the way they make their potatoes though, definitely something I get as a side dish every time I come to Cora’s!

This was in winter, and I found that the fruits weren’t very sweet. Not sure I can expect them to be, when they’re considered garnishing and decoration for the plate.

This is a good value meal, if you’re looking for a decent portion, a mix of sweet/savory without breaking the bank. But unlike places where you wait in line to be blown away by the fusion of tastes, this is a simple and ordinary breakfast meal.

About the place: It’s always difficult to review the place when it’s a chain, but from my experiences in various Cora’s locations, the staff is usually friendly and the service pretty fast. However, you might have to wait in line on a Saturday/Sunday at peak times.

It’s a great place to catch up with friends, and also welcomes families and kids (they have coloring table mats which are pretty cool!)



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