Chatime – Red Bean Milk Tea


About the drink: An absolute DELIGHT! If you’ve had bubble tea before, their milk tea is just the right concentration of tea and milk, with a subtle “roast” taste of the tea leaves – unlike many other bubble tea places, they didn’t try to cut down on taste by having a diluted taste.

Their tapioca is also chewy but hard, and well seasoned in the liquid syrup they soak it in. Again, pretty nice since a lot of other places will have the tapioca be soggy… Making you wonder how fresh it actually is.

For those of you who haven’t had bubble tea before, the tapioca makes this drink a bit of a snack too, since you’re eating solid pieces as you’re drinking the tea; on top of that, the red beans add a whole other level! Definitely one of my favorite #ColdWeather flavors! *I like to get the green tea fruity flavors in the summer, stay tuned for that!*

About the place: It’s always difficult to review the place when it’s a chain, but from my experiences in various Chatime locations downtown and in North York), the staff is usually friendly and the service pretty fast – it got a little slower since they introduced Uber eat though. The line up is always always quite long, so be patient if it’s your first time checking it out! But hands down, best bubble tea in town.

It’s a great place to catch up with friends, and also welcomes families and kids. The crowd is usually teenagers/university students.



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