Kinton Ramen- Kinton Combo

Kinton Ramen Collage.jpg

The meal (s): Top left: Chiki Chiki Don, top right: Black Sesame Pudding, bottom left: Pork Ramen

The meal: ***

If you’re a Naruto fan or are familiar with Japanese dishes, then this dish is not new to you. The restaurant, however, might be. There’s always a line up but today we were lucky enough to get a spot.

I opted for the Kinton combo which offers the Japanese noodle soup experience with a side dish and an optional dessert. The soup (thick noodles, pork broth, and original flavour) was good but in my opinion doesn’t compare to Ajisen Ramen. The side dish (chiki chiki don) on the other hand was quite delicious. The ingredients (chopped chicken breast w/ Kinton original mayo sauce on rice) are simple but blend well together. Last but not least, was the dessert (black seasame pudding). It was soy milk based and was afraid that it might disappoint. It was actually the contrary! I would definitely recommend it.

The place:**1/2

The restaurant as I mentioned is typically packed and the fact that the space is tight and the kitchen is open (no separation from guest tables) doesn’t help either. If you’re not fond/ familiar with the scents, it can be quite overwhelming when you enter the doors. It also got quite hot overtime.

The price: $

– Strawberry Sherbet


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