Infuse Cafe – Chai Masala (Organic Milk Tea)

masala chai.jpeg

About the drink: Having had Masala Chai in India, I am always disappointed in “chai tea” served anywhere in Canada, for the exception of some Indian restaurants. This Chai Masala didn’t taste like the authentic one but you will definitely be one step closer to the real deal! The original recipe comes with 2 spoons of sugar, which in my opinion are a little too much; next time I think I’ll try 1/2 sugar. Overall tasty tea, I think I’ll be back there to sample more teas! So stay tuned 😉

About the place: Small little shop hidden on the busy Yonge street, near the Eaton Center. The place looks a lot smaller from the outside but has a decent amount of sitting space. It also looks a little .. shady (for lack of a better word) from the outside, but my love for tea pushed me to try something and I realized the place is decent – clean, spacious, and with a good variety of tea options. They also sell loose leaf teas in store.



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