Portland Variety – Pear tart

Pear tart.jpeg

About the meal: If you haven’t yet figured out, I have a sweet tooth and my weakness is pastries. But real pastries, like the ones you can eat Vienna or Paris, none of these chewy overly sweet food-things that are mass produced here in North America! Needless to say, Portland was a GREAT find. They offer a good range of pastries and as far as I’ve been going (a good year), I’ve never been disappointed by the quality of the pastries.

In the making of the crust (pâte feuilletée), the baker wasn’t shy on the butter. The result is a soft and crunchy yet elastic base, on which sits the topping of the tart. The pear mixture was made with fresh pears, cooked enough so they weren’t crunchy; the topping mixture was made perfectly as not to be dry.

This pastry is overall not too sweet, and there is a hint of tanginess (probably lemon) that gives it a perfect finish. If you like fruit tarts, you will definitely appreciate this!

About the place: Small, “King St W” style type of restaurant – i.e. full of classy hipsters, professionals and the cool older folks, all seeking to experience a dining different from the regular. Some items can be a little over priced on the menu but everything I’ve ever had (mostly pastries) was to die for.

What I love about this place is how it flips from a quiet breakfast/brunch place in the morning, to a vibrant lunch spot, later on to a tapas/dinner night set up that looks appropriate for a date, a work function or a catch-up with a friend. The staff is fairly friendly (friendlier with the regulars though).

Bonus: they’re on ritual!!



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