The One That Got Away – Salmon Burger



About the meal: When I first heard about the “salmon burger” from my coworker, I thought it was weird. But when a couple of other coworkers suggested that I try it, I decided to go for it. And…. I regret not having tried it sooner! This is an amazing burger to have! The salmon filet is fresh and perfectly cooked – doesn’t crumble in the bun from being overcooked. The bun is nice and fresh; there is minimal dressing but just enough veggies (lettuce & tomatoes) and sauce, so that it doesn’t taste dry. In my opinion the salmon burger is a must try! And I have to tell you I am not usually a fish person. 

About the place: The perfect place for anyone who is looking for seafood options – if you do not eat fish or seafood, don’t even bother stepping foot in here! I’ve never actually eaten at the restaurant but the vibe I get is that of a cosy, small town diner. The staff is pretty friendly (although I wouldn’t say exceptional). Worth a try for sure!

Bonus: they’re on ritual!



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