Le petit déjeuner – Mocha


About the drink: You probably figured by now that I usually go for the mocha or the specialty drink on the menu! Just so you know, the mocha is not on the menu but if you ask they will happilly make it for you – bonus points for that! It was one of the best mochas I’ve had, in that you could taste the coffee (good coffee AND fair trade!) and the hot chocolate portion was made with rich chocolate, I’m going to suspect probably belgian. I also have to add that they used milk and not hot water for the hot chocolate, and a conoisseur will definitely know the difference. The whole thing was topped with chocolate/cocoa powder for a crisp finish. On the downside, there was no foam art and I have to admit although it was delicious, it was on the verge of being too sweet!

About the place: See post “Le petit déjeuner – Eggs Benny



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