Stoney’s Bread Company – Mango Raspberry Mimosa | Mocha


About the drinks:
                                                                    – Mango Raspberry Mimosa – 
(Drink on the left in picture above)
Heads up to the friends who don’t consume alcohol, there is some in this one!
I decided to try this to get a taste of a non-traditional mimosa, usually made with orange juice and champagne. I found the blend quite perfect! The right amount of mango sweetness and raspberry tanginess, and just enough bubbly to enhance it all. I would definitely recommend this one!
– Mocha –
(Drink in the front in picture above)
As a mocha-girl, I have to say that I was not impressed by this one. It was almost like hot chocolate with a hint of coffee, as opposed to coffee with a hint of cocoa. A very sweet drink that could please some that have a rather sweet tooth, but definitely not quite the pick for coffee lovers!

About the place: See post “Stoney’s Bread Company – Crêpes aux fraises





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