Stoney’s Bread Company – Crêpes aux fraises


About the meal: My biggest brunch struggle is to decide between a sweet or salty dish. This time around I went for the “crêpes aux fraises” which included field berries, lemon & brown sugar flambé au Grand Marnier with vanilla whipped cream. The crepe was heavier than a usual crepe but you could taste the light fluffiness of the dough. The consistency towards the center was more that of a spongy cake. The berry coulis complimented it well, however I was not too fond of the warm and soft strawberries in it, and I could barely taste the lemon or Grnad Marnier. Overall OK, and a quick piece of advice: try to share it with someone because it is pretty filling!

About the place: This reminded me of a cozy diner-style place in a small town. Not too loud, with a good mix of people visiting the place – families with kids, couples, friends. The prices were very reasonable and there was a really large selection of foods. I went with a menu item from the brunch menu but there was also a regular lunch menu available with plento of sweet and savory options. The staff was OK, I didn’t find them particularly nice or helpful but it was decent service. I would definitely go again to try something else on the menu!



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